Supreme Glow
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Bright New Products for Promotions!

Light Up Travel Mug
Light Up Spinner Sword
White LED Patrol Wand
Aviator Billboard Sunglasses
Casino Black Plastic Top Hat
LED Dual Fan Spinner Wand
Aviator Sunglasses
Sequin LED 14 Inch Neckties
Mini Black Plastic Top Hat
White LED Crown Headband
Light Up Elf Hat
Santa Stuck in the Chimney Hat
Candy Cane Stripe Santa Hat
Light Up Diamond Ring
9'' Plastic Megaphones
Infinity Fusion LED Coaster
14 oz Light Up Skull Cup
Blue Felt Santa Hat
Green Plush Santa Hat
Supreme Glow 9'' Straws
Custom Billboard Sunglasses
10 3/4'' LED Hand Fan
Cat Eye Billboard Sunglasses
Light Up Bottle Glasses
Black Wrap LED Sunglasses
3 1/2'' Football Metal Cowbell
Beer Mug Sunglasses
Monkey Zoo Brights Flashlight
Duck Zoo Brights Flashlight
Light Up Viking Helmet
36'' Single Color Flower Leis
Princess L.E.D. Diamond Wand
Ice Cream Bowl and Spoon Set
Peace Sign Blues Sunglasses
Neon Sparkle Slotted Glasses
Happy Birthday Sunglasses
Green Alien Sunglasses
3 3/4'' Mini Handheld Fan
Totally 80's Sunglasses
Tie Dye Peace Sign Sunglasses
Bat Hand Clappers
8'' Plastic Tambourines
10'' Plastic Toy Microphone
2'' Wooden Yoyo
8 1/2'' Plastic Slide Whistles
5 1/2'' Colorful Tambourines
5 1/2'' Plastic Tambourines
5 1/2'' Glitter Tambourines
16'' Groan Tube
13'' Director's Microphone
Red Lips Whistle
10'' Echo Toy Microphone
Duck Quacker w/ Lanyard
Plastic Adjustable Safari Hat
3 1/2'' Baseball Sports Bank
3 1/2'' Football Sports Bank
3 1/2'' Basketball Sports Bank
14'' Magic Wand
9'' White Air Horn
Pink Ribbon Blinkie
Purple Blinkie Ribbon
Light Up Crystal Devil Horns
Credit Card Light with J-Hook
Jumbo Novelty Sunglasses
Black Bat Sunglasses
Red L.E.D. Clown Nose
Snowflake Eyeglasses
Playing Card Sunglasses
Red Lips Sunglasses
Wooden Back Scratcher
Green Plastic Top Hat
Green Plastic Derby Hat
Black Plastic Derby Hat
Black Plastic Top Hat
7 1/2'' Wooden Train Whistles
6'' L.E.D. Spinning Gun
Prismatic Plastic Neckties
16'' Pom Poms
Pink Plastic Construction Hat
Viking Helmet
L.E.D. Bow Headband
Rainbow Bangle Bracelet
7 1/2'' Electric Laser Ball
6'' Laser Ball Lamp
Aqua-Lite Sport Bottle
Light Up Cowboy Boot Cup
8 3/4'' Slap Bracelets
BLue Star L.E.D. Fusion Badge
Credit Card Light
5'' LoPro Flashlight
3 3/4'' Metallic Flashlights
4'' Taper Flashlights
16oz Bottom Lit Logo Cup
2.50'' x 1'' Lighted Key Chain
10'' Light Up Flying Disc
The ''ULTIMATE'' Pen Light
Safety Light Stick Flashlight
#1 Light Up Pendant Necklaces
14'' Lighted Windmill Wand
Huge (12'') Star Wand
6'' Mist-R-Fan
Pink Ribbon Mist-R-Fan
American Flag Mist-R-Fan
Checkered Flag Mist-R-Fan
Light Up Rave Gloves
Light Up Rainbow Gloves
4'' Plastic Piggy Bank
4'' Pink Plastic Piggy Bank
Triple Star Light Up Wand
Slotted Shutter Shades
Black Frame 50's Glasses
Black Billboard Glasses
Black Frame Nerd Glasses
5'' Gold Trophy
Light Up Mohawk
5'' Plastic Gold Star Trophy
Firefighter Hat
Elf Hat with Ears
Camouflage Santa Hat
Inflatable Reindeer Antlers
Plush Christmas Stocking
Red Felt Christmas Stocking
Black Beard with Elastic Band
Colorful Handlebar Mustaches
White Beard with Elastic Band
Santa Hat Spring Tree Hat
Deluxe Santa Plush Hat
Purple Plush Santa Hat
Blue Plush Santa Hat
Adult Santa Hat
22'' x 22'' Cotton Bandanas
Light Up Mardi Gras Hat
Mardi Gras LED Necklace
5 Inch Graduation Cap Trophy
Black LED Necktie - 19 Inch
Neon Sequin LED Baseball Cap
LED Necklace