Supreme Glow
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Badges / Bracelets / Necklaces

#1 Light Up Pendant Necklaces
BLue Star L.E.D. Fusion Badge
Fusion Badges
2 1/2'' Light Up Medallions
Clear Shot Glass Medallion
2'' Lighted Badges
Glow Shape Badges
32'' Light Up Fabric Lanyards
27'' L.E.D. Light-Up Necklaces
33'' Peace Sign Bead Necklace
36'' (10mm) Beer Mug Necklace
42'' Western Cowboy Necklace
42'' Baseball Necklace
42'' Motorcycle/Boots Necklace
42'' Checkered Flag Necklace
42'' American Flag Necklace
44'' Football Man Necklace
22'' Superior Glow Necklaces
8'' Superior Glow Bracelets
8'' Lighted Bangle Bracelet
8 3/4'' Slap Bracelets
Rainbow Bangle Bracelet
Light Up Heart Ring
Light Up Diamond Ring
1 1/2'' L.e.d. Finger Lights
Prismatic Plastic Neckties
Credit Card Light with J-Hook
Pink Ribbon Blinkie
Purple Blinkie Ribbon
Duck Quacker w/ Lanyard
Black Breakaway Lanyard
36'' Single Color Flower Leis
Mardi Gras LED Necklace
LED Necklace